Adriana Traviati,  Director

Adriana Traviati, Director

About Us

Saphira Diamonds is a Melbourne-based company with a regional office in Singapore that provides exceptional GIA-certified diamonds at wholesale prices direct to the public.

Our aim is to create unique, custom-designed pieces that are hand-forged by expert craftsmen. We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to own an extraordinary diamond. We seek to demonstrate the desirable properties of diamonds to ensure that all buyers are equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions when purchasing such precious stones.

Adriana Traviati’s passion for diamonds and precious gems began during university where she studied a Bachelor of Science with Honours in geological and gemological sciences for four years, before the commencement of her PhD.

During university, she worked in the Fine and Engagement Department of Tiffany and Co. in Melbourne, Australia, before leaving to begin her own private business in the diamond industry.

Saphira Diamonds now also operates in the Southeast Asian market. Adriana travels the world to meet with clients and source from the best trade fairs worldwide, providing a seamless and unique service.